Fresh Wine Basque Carafe

Recalling the primitive forms of ancient terracotta jugs, Normal Studio’s Fresh Wine Basque Carafe is a modern interpretation of an essential tabletop accessory that pays homage to historical tradition and material. The carafe takes advantage of the natural cooling properties of terracotta to maintain or bring down the wine’s temperature, making it a useful accessory for dining indoors or out. Turned by hand by skilled potters in southern France, the vessel gets its distinctive silhouette thanks to its cylindrical form which has been “pinched” at its top. This indentation serves as a handle and is further accented by diagonal lines that help give a good grip when the carafe is lifted. The exterior of the carafe is left unglazed, providing a rich, tactile surface that enlivens the tabletop with texture while the interior is glazed, eliminating the porosity of the terracotta and making clean up easy. The Fresh Wine Basque Carafe brings the beauty of pure materiality front and center and accents it with a unique form and functional design.

  • A wine carafe that uses material to keep beverages cool
  • Made by hand in France
  • Integrated handle
  • Interior is glazed for easy cleaning
  • Wash by hand
H × Dia
9.50 × 4 in.
23 × 10 cm.
  • Terracotta

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