Cement Teapots

The roughly-hewn Cement Teapots pay tribute to the raw elements of water, clay and sand man used to invent mortar, cement and concrete, basic materials in our daily lives and our homes. These teapots, designed by Frédérick Gautier, are further inspired by the architecture fashioned from these materials, and especially by Le Corbusier and the mid-1900s Brutalist movement in architecture. Gautier’€™s fascination with these materials of human survival is related to his interest in growing food and in the utensils mankind has historically used to serve and consume food. The four teapots, produced by the Antwerp-based company Serax, are deliberately rough and €œprimitive, composed not only of elemental materials but of basic shapes: cylinders, trunks, cubes, cones and disks. The Cement Teapots are enameled on the inside and are food-grade.

  • Designed by Frédérick Gautier
  • Produced by Serax, based in Antwerp
  • 27 ounce capacity
  • Four versions of the teapots are available
  • Designed inspired by Le Corbusier and Brutalism
  • Enameled on interior
  • Food-grade
  • Designed and made in Europe
H × Dia
6 × 4 in.
15 × 10 cm.
  • Cement



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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