Filio Teapot

The Filio Teapot is an advancement of the classic teapot; place your favorite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve, and watch the leaves unfold freely, as they release their aroma. The glass jug is suspended in a loosely oscillating base frame made of stainless steel, which has been formed out of one single piece and thus it doesn’t have any weld seams. Tassilo von Grolman’s teapot allows the process of brewing tea to become the spectacle: the tea leaves hover in a setting of glass, metal and light and gently unfold into tea. Complete with a round handle that enhances the teapot’s elegance, functionality and design are perfectly combined and due to the specific geometry of the glass hemisphere, the last leftovers stay in the jug and with them the tea crumbs. There is nothing to prevent you from enjoying your tea.


  • Stainless steel mesh sieve for brewing of tea
  • Glass hemisphere surrounds sieve and allows all water to absorb the aroma of the tea leaves
  • Made in Germany
  • Small: .6L capacity | Large: 1.5L capacity
  • 18/10 Inbox Stainless Steel
  • Glass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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