John Pawson Bohemian Crystal Glassware

One of the most sensitive proponents of minimalism, British architect John Pawson approaches each project with a clear understanding of reduction in proportion, form, and materials. In the Bohemian Crystal Glassware collection, he masters paring away until what is left cannot be improved through further subtraction. Consisting of a carafe, set of water glasses, and set of wine glasses, the crystal collection is united by an inviting sinuously curved shape that fits perfectly in the hand. The glassware was originally conceived for a monastery in Bohemia as a set of tabletop tools that would be appropriate to the functional and aesthetic needs of the monastic community. Here, austerity has given way to warmth and practicality, as each vessel can function as a container for multiple beverage types. Simple yet powerful, the John Pawson Bohemian Crystal Glassware is refined but substantial and unites rigorous attention to detail with traditional artesian craft.

  • Pure collection of essential glassware in Bohemian crystal
  • Designed by John Pawson
  • Coordinating carafe, wine glasses, and water glasses
  • Water and wine glasses are sold in sets of six
  • Vessels feature similar form for cohesive tabletop collection
  • Bohemian Crystal



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