Orseggi Whiskey Tumbler

Recalling the classic lines of archetypal glassware, the Orseggi Whiskey Tumbler is a pure and modern drinking glass rooted in history. Designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the legendary brothers responsible for icons of 20th century Italian design including the famed Arco Lamp, the whiskey tumbler was originally designed in 1965 for an exhibition of modern design. Never put into production, the glassware was revived in the 1990s when, with the assistance of Italian wine critic Luigi Veronelli, Achille Castiglioni revisited the design and expanded the range to include additional pieces. The soft form of the glassware provides a wide diameter allowing for the fragrance of whiskey to resonate, highlighting the pleasure of drinking. Balanced in form, the Orseggi Whiskey Tumbler is a sturdy glass designed for maximum enjoyment – blending function and design for a visually pure form that highlights taste and scent.

  • A modern interpretation of glassware
  • The form allows for the fragrance of whiskey to radiate from the glass
  • Rooted in history
  • Originally designed for the exhibition "La Casa Abitata" in Florence in 1965
  • In the 1990s Achille Castiglioni revisited some functional aspects of the original designs, integrating the family with additional pieces
  • 9.25 oz capacity
H × Dia
2.75 × 3.50 in.
7 × 9 cm.
  • Crystal Glass

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