Concrete Wine Cooler

Driven by his natural curiosity and a desire to push the boundaries of material, Francesco Corvi reimagines useful objects with an attention to form and function. His Concrete Wine Cooler utilizes material and form to create an unexpected and dynamic accessory for storing bottles. The cooler’s angular planes recall the dynamic facets of a gemstone to add a unique and sculptural impact to the kitchen or bar. This design element also translates into a hidden function – individual coolers may be stacked to create an infinite arrangement of designs. And, since it’s handcrafted from concrete, the cooler’s natural properties allow it to retain its temperature for a long period of time; simply place it in the freezer and the concrete will keep bottles chilled while serving. Available in white or grey, the Concrete Wine Cooler balances its striking form with its useful functionality for a thoughtful accessory for the home.

  • Wine cooler handcrafted in concrete
  • Available in white or grey
  • Multiples may be stacked
  • Concrete holds temperature of bottles placed within
H × W × L
9.75 × 4.25 × 5.50 in.
25 × 11 × 14 cm.
  • Concrete



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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