Blade Wine Accessory Set

DesignWright’™s Blade Wine Accessories Set is a convenient collection of essential wine tools. The kit brings together the innovative aerodynamic and ergonomic design of the Blade collection in a package fit for gifting. Available in a set of two or three pieces, the two piece set includes the Blade Twist Corkscrew and Decanting Pourer which are perfect for opening and enjoying your wine. The three piece set adds the Blade Vacuum Pump Stopper to prolong the life of your wine. The Twist Corkscrew is an easy and stylish way to open your wine and utilizes practical wings to ensure control over the bottle as you remove the cork. The Decanting Pourer oxygenates the wine for optimum taste. For prolonged life of your wine, the Pump Stopper removes air from the bottle to prevent oxidation and includes two stoppers. The Blade Wine Accessory Set will have you prepared to enjoy a variety of wines at home.

  • Set of two essential Blade wine tools - Twist Corkscrew and Decanting Pourer
  • Set of three essential Blade wine tools - Twist Corkscrew, Decanting Pourer and Vacuum Pump Stopper
  • Each piece of the Blade collection features innovative and dynamic design that helps simplify the wine drinking process
  • With rubberized finish, each piece is easy to grip
  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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