AP Low Stool

A piece of wooden origami, the elegant, leaf-like shape of Shin Azumi’s AP Low Stool recalls starched, golden fabric. With fluid, ergonomic design, the minimal form offers an unexpected degree of comfort. Remarkably, the stool – with its unibody structure – has no seams or joints because it is created from a single sheet of plywood. There are no divisions or interruptions; the seat of the stool and body seamlessly fused in one fluid motion and relaxed. The poetic design becomes utilitarian with the ability to stack the stools and save space when not in use. Made of open-pore black painted oak, the stool is an enduring icon of design.

  • Resembling a piece of wooden origami, the Ap stool is an elegant gestural form
  • Fluid and ergonomic shape is comfortable
  • Made from single piece of bent plywood
  • Veneered in oak
  • Open pore, black painted
H × W × D
19.75 × 18.50 × 14.50 in.
50 × 47 × 37 cm.
  • Plywood
  • Oak Veneer


2 Available.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $20.00 (per qty)

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