Harold And Maude Side Table

Appearing as a transparent sheet of carefully folded paper, Italian designer Carlo Tamburini’s Harold and Maude Side Tables push the boundaries of glass production in order to achieve their origami-inspired form. The dynamic low tables are characterized by their complex and innovative folds which result in daring angles that convey a subtle sense of movement. Furthering the ethereal nature of the tables, Harold and Maude remain light in appearance thanks to the thin yet sturdy glass utilized. The unique tables are the result of the careful study into the potential of glass material as researched and developed by Italian design brand Glass Italia. Since their formation in the 1970s, the company has followed an unwavering devotion to developing innovative glass products that contain material know-how and technical prowess. Consisting of two complementary versions, the Harold and Maude Side Tables are united by their distinct appearance and may be combined to create a multi-level surface for next to the sofa or bed.

  • Low tables in extralight transparent glass
  • Available in two different sizes
  • A complex and innovative curvature, characterized by particularly daring angles and gradients, confers great dynamism and plasticity to the low tables
  • Subtle thickness of the glass gives the low table an extremely light appearance
  • Thanks to a special treatment, the glass acquires an incredible strength
  • Glass



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