Kamen Marble Side Table

Appearing to precariously balance a thin steel surface on a cylinder marble base with a rounded top, Studio Macura’s Kamen Marble Side Table is simple and harmonious. Based in the Netherlands, Studio Macura’s approach to design is honest and original, capturing a paradox of something that is very distinct and appealing, yet still inherently familiar. The interplay of the Acquatico marble base and thin steel top creates a seamless minimal design. Sourced from Portugal, Acquatico marble is matte white but with distinct grey veins that have a slightly cooler tint which makes the design more contemporary and fresh. Available in two sizes, the Kamen Side Table mixes the known familiarity of geometric shapes with rare materials.

  • Designed by Studio Macura based in the Netherlands
  • The cylinder and round shape of the marble base appears to float with the thin steel top
  • The base is made with Acquatico marble from Portugal
  • Acquatico marble is white matte with dark grey veins with a cool subtle tint​ ​
  • Acquatico Marble
  • Steel



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $55.00 (per qty)

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