Shadow Floor Lamp

Enzo Catellani juxtaposes clean lines with an expressive metal mesh fabric to explore a poetic play of shadow. The compelling Shadow Floor Lamp features two elements that work in tandem: a minimal metal pole provides illumination while a separate mesh fabric acts as a reflector and diffuser for the light. Designed to hang a few inches away from the wall, the iridescent mesh is suspended from the ceiling by a translucent cable, giving it the impression of floating effortlessly. Depending on the angle of illumination desired, the floor lamp may be placed close to the fabric for high contrast lighting or may be placed further away for a more subtle, ambient illumination. Either way, the user become directly involved in creating the specific lighting they desire. Intriguing in its concept and refined in its design, the Shadow Floor Lamp is a lively expression of light that creates a unique experience in its surroundings.

  • Unique design featuring a slender floor lamp and a hanging iridescent mesh fabric reflector/diffuser
  • LED light source included
  • Lamp features matte black painted copper base and stick
  • Metal mesh fabric hands from included cable
H × W × L
59.50 × 19.75 × 19.75 in.
150 × 50 × 50 cm.
  • Metal


4 Available.

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