1000 Karat Blau Pendant Lamp

A dramatic sculpture of brilliant, golden light. Axel Schmid’s 1000 Karat Blau Pendant Lamp for Ingo Maurer showcases a poetic approach to lighting design that incorporates unique materials in a spectacular form. Suspended from the ceiling above, the impressive pendant light is comprised of a rectilinear assemblage of acrylic panels encapsulating reflective gold leaf. As the lamp’s name implies, gold is a signature motif of the design. Light bounces back and forth in the complex grid of translucent golden panels to produce wildly vibrant illumination. The lamp adds a sense of witty glamor to any setting and may be composed in groupings of two or more for impactful displays of artistic lighting. The 1000 Karat Blau Pendant Lamp showcases the beauty of materials and the poetry of illumination in a compellingly expressive form.

  • Impressive pendant lamp appears as a light sculpture
  • Features a cubic arrangement of gold leaf and acrylic panels
  • Light reflects on gold for dazzling effect
  • May be combined to create dramatic clusters
  • Socket fits bulb type E27, max 60W
  • Suitable for LED
H × W × D
19.75 × 25.25 × 25.25 in.
50 × 64 × 64 cm.
  • Gold Leaf
  • Acrylic
  • Metal

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