Luminophor Pendant Lamp

Till Armbrüster creates a mesmerizing play of light that appears to magically shift from cool blue to warm yellow in his Luminophor Pendant Lamp. Designed for Ingo Maurer, the lamp expands upon the brand’s characteristically poetic lighting fixtures that marry unique materials with clever designs for stunning results. The pendant lamp features a glass lens that emits a glowing blue light. Underneath, a disc suspended by three wires reflects and disperses the light, having been shifted to an attractive warm white color. To the sides and above, the light remains blue for a unique play of color. The pendant lamp demonstrates the way LEDs function by exploding the elements: on the light-emitting diodes themselves, there is a disc made of special metal, which converts the color. Here, that disc is separated into a new design element. The Luminophor Pendant Lamp is bold in its design and surprising in its technology and makes a stunning addition to the modern home.

  • Suspended pendant lamp that explores the nature of LEDs
  • A glass lens emits blue light (4500k)
  • A special disc translates the blue into warm white (3000k)
  • Height adjustable by means of a simple filigree mechanism
  • May be dimmed using a TRIAC dimmer
H × Dia
6.75 × 8.25 in.
17 × 21 cm.
  • Glass
  • Metal


4 Available.

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