String Light

Minimal and poetic like a pencil line drawn in the air, Michael Anastassiades’ String Light is a study in reduction and simplicity of form. Inspired by train travel, the designer saw the perfectly parallel electrical cables run along the tracks. Transfixed, the designer sought to create a product that brought this concept indoors. The LED Light fixture, either a cone or sphere, is strung on cord made from Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable. Rather than try to hide the lighting cables, the wiring was used to draw neat, precise lines across a clean space. These lines formed by the light creates a relationship with the walls of a room and enhances the architecture.

  • Available in either a cone or sphere
  • 39 or 72 feet cord length
  • Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable
  • Matt Black Varnished Die-Cast Aluminum Body Coated With Clear Soft-Touch Varnish
  • Optical Diffuser In Opal Pc
  • Kevlar



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