Dewy Floor & Table Lamp

The Dewy Floor Lamp and Dewy Table Lamp are blown frosted glass domes that evoke the feeling of early morning. The frosted glass patterns on the lamps evocatively reference morning dew and the new day, with its delicate light. The dome shape is an attempt, according to the designers, to naively try to keep the light trapped inside, as in the cozy bubble of the day’€™s first light and all its promise. The Dewy Floor Lamp and Dewy Table Lamp were designed in 2016 by Barcelona-based product design consultancy CrousCalogero for ENOstudio, the Paris-based design brand. Francesc Crus and Alessandro Calogero, the Dewy Floor & Table Lamp’s award-winning designers, design with a focus on the human, creating links between people and objects.

  • Designed by CrousCalogero for ENOstudio
  • Sculptural lamp available in two sizes
  • Table lamp and floor lamp versions available
  • Made of blown frosted glass
  • Designed in Barcelona
  • Blown Frosted Glass



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