Collapsible Moon LED Light

Finding inspiration in the moon above, Kazuhiro Yamanaka has designed a glowing circle of light that hides an unexpected twist. His Collapsible Moon LED Light can be expanded and collapsed with a simple action, thanks to its photo reflector structure. Made of a special technical fabric originally developed for use in athletics, the monumental disc refracts light from the embedded LED strips contained within its surrounding structure. This structure not only conceals the lighting source but also contains the spring mechanism that ensures the lamp opens and closes smoothly. By closing, the light may be transported effortlessly and stored when not in use. When unfurled and turned on, the lamp may be used on the floor or hung on the wall with the optional mounting hook to evoke the nature of its namesake – that of a full moon suspended in space. The Collapsible Moon LED Light is a poetic play of technology and design inventiveness that makes a statement wherever it is placed.

  • Circular light that is collapsable
  • Made of special fabric that diffuses light
  • Harmonic steel internal frame
  • Available with wall mount
  • LED strips around perimeter provide illumination
  • 40 watt LED
47.25 in.
120 cm.
  • Harmonic Tempered Steel
  • Technical Textile


5 Available.

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