Paperback Wall Shelf

Using the minimum amount of space necessary, Studio Parade’s Paperback Wall Shelf is a modular system that creates a stunningly textural display of books and trinkets. With its horizontally regimented shelving, books of nearly every shape, size and binding are given a home and allow the volumes to become the decorative focus of wall. Available in two sizes, either 60x60cm or 120x120cm, each Paperback Wall Shelf is supplied with 13 shelves that may be arranged as you please. Made of lightweight resin-fortified paper, the book shelf requires just four screws to mount to the wall and contains three special larger shelves with protruding “tabs” to make room for larger books or other objects. The modularity of this system allows for separate units to be mounted together one above another or side by side resulting in larger shelving that creates an impressive and unique storage system.

  • Available in two sizes, the Paperback Wall Shelves can be mounted together on the wall one above another or side by side to give you the storage you desire
  • Each set comes with one solid wall panel either 60x60cm or 120x60 cm, 13 individual horizontal shelves and necessary screws
  • 3 shelves have an extra protruding "tab" to hold larger books, magazines or objects
  • Each shelf is 4mm thick high pressure laminate made from layers of kraft paper impregnated with resin and bonded by heat and pressure
  • High Pressed Laminate
  • Fiberboard



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $55.00 (per qty)

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