Tilt Oak Ladder

Jack Smith, one of the founding members of SmithMatthias, is known for drawing inspiration from trivial objects, and through the imaginative Tilt Oak Ladder a mundane object takes on new purpose as a leaning storage system. With this piece, a beautifully detailed timber ladder is used to store, hold and display objects. By accessorizing it with the Tilt Shelf or Tray, the ladder becomes a glove box or valet. Produced by Discipline, an Italian design brand whose identity is marked by the exclusive use of natural materials, the Tilt Oak Ladder epitomizes the multifarious minimalism of British design and is useful to hold utensils and spices in the kitchen, towels and toiletries in the bathroom, or office and art supplies. Ladder, Shelf and Tray each sold separately.

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  • Ladder, Shelf and Tray each sold separately
  • Leans against wall
  • Useful to store and display objects in the kitchen, bathroom and office
  • Holds utensils and spices in the kitchen, shampoos and lotions in the bathroom
  • Made of solid wood with refined details
  • European oak
  • European Oak
  • Steel


1 Available (can be backordered).

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $55.00 (per qty)

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