Penny Bag

A traditional technique becomes the inspiration for a thoroughly modern accessory. In Ando’s Penny Bag, fabric is carefully manipulated to create a geometrically-driven texture. This striking manipulation is inspired by the process of creating shibori, a Japanese manual dyeing technique which produces patterns similar through folding and wrapping fabric. Just as the fabric is wrapped and folded to produce circular dye patterns, the fabric that forms the bag is similarly wrapped and folded and then sewn into shape. The result is a circular motif that resembles a dazzling array of pennies, hence the bag’s name. In addition to the visual intrigue, the production process creates a surprising side effect: the bag expands as items are placed into it and, when emptied, returns to its original petite size. Perfect for everyday use, the Penny Bag is available in a range of color options that emphasize the unique tactile nature of the tote.

  • A modern bag inspired by traditional shibori techniques
  • Features a highly textural geometric appearance
  • The bag's construction allows it to expand as it is filled with contents
  • When emptied, it reverts to its petite size
  • Handle is 12 inches
  • Polyester Fabric



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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