Basket Bracelet

Inspired by traditional weaving techniques, Materia Design’€™s Basket Bracelet reinterprets a classic motif with modern materials for a stunning result. The bold bracelet weaves monochromatic strands of high-tech PVC fibers into a series of loops resulting in a tactile bracelet that wraps around the wrist for a statement-making piece of jewelry. Available in grey or black, the bracelet’s inherent construction allows the whimsical piece of jewelry to stretch over the hand and fit snuggly on the wrist. Like the rest of the Italian design brand’s collection, the Basket Bracelet transcends the barriers of materiality and execution to create a contemporary approach to jewelry that exudes a sensitivity to form and personification. The juxtaposition of traditional production and modern materials of this bracelet contrasts with typical jewelry and therefore stands out as an adventurous, eye-catching piece.

  • Compelling bracelet made of PVC strands
  • Each strand is woven together to form a series of loops, creating the bracelet
  • Available in greyor black
  • Stretches over the hand to fit on the wrist
3.50 in.
9 cm.
  • Pvc



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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