Glad Earrings

The dynamic jewelry of Uruguayan designer Diana Schimmel features rich color and texture that add interest and uniqueness to each piece. With her Glad Earrings for Dos Riberas, materials are chosen that contrast with each other bringing attention to the earrings. Secured on sinuous wires, the fabric circular pendants are arranged in a rhythmic fashion to create a playful and eye-catching piece of jewelry. When worn, these pendants dance in a joyful manner and create a point of interest on the wearer.

  • Color and contrasting materials bring attention to these earrings
  • Eye-catching design evokes playful joy
  • Dos Riberas has partaken in important art and fashion fairs in Argentina and worldwide
  • Made in Argentina
  • Fabric
  • Fishing Cable
  • Sterling Silver



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $5.00 (per qty)

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