Paletto Glass Earrings

A playful design from the intricacies of Murano glass transforms into gentle pieces of exquisite, colorful jewelry from Marina and Susanna Sent. The Paletto earrings depict the prominence of its designers, who elevated the aura of glass in contemporary jewelry and create every single piece by hand and tradition passed down through three generations. The Paletto earrings emerge in rich color and shape, its spheres reflecting the vibrancy of red and green, which alter by delicate lines of contrast eminent to the eye. Looking at these refined objects is like staring at two intriguing diminutive planets, an effect that similarly to the Sent Sisters’€™ Paletto earrings results in the consolidation of natural materials and admiration of color and precision.

  • Sent jewelry builds upon the local tradition of fine glass making to create stunningly poetic pieces that balance simple designs with bold elements
  • Murano glass is heated in a furnace to produce the striations of color seen in the final product
  • Stainless steel stem allows controlled movement of glass sphere
  • The time-consuming technique of crafting the earrings by hand asserts superior quality and endless splendor.
  • Murano Glass
  • Stainless Steel



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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