Otto Millimetri D'amore Pendant Necklace

A pioneering force in contemporary jewelry design, Otto Künzli revolutionized the discipline by blending meticulous craftsmanship with witty social commentary. In his Otto Millimetri D’amore Pendant Necklace, the Swiss designer provides a humorous comment on his notion of love. Translating from Italian to “Eight Millimetres of Love” the necklace consists of an extruded 18 karat gold heart, the symbol of love. The three-dimensional heart is strung on a nylon cord that you can adjust to your perfect length. Designed in 1996, the necklace is in the collection of avant-garde jewelry brand Chi ha paura…?. Meaning “Who’s afraid of…?” in English, the boundary-pushing and heavily-acclaimed design-house aims to show that a good piece of jewelry is more than just a decorative accessory. By united materials, technology, and concept, the brand reimagines the notion of contemporary fine jewelry. Simple in design yet powerful in message, the Millimetri D’amore Pendant Necklace is a contemporary way to say, “I love you.”

  • “Eight Millimetres of Love” is a humorous comment on that notorious symbol of love, the heart
  • This gold pendant in the form of a three-dimensional heart is cut from a heart-shaped golden tube
  • Strung on an adjustable nylon cord
H × W × L
.25 × .25 × .25 in.
0.8 × 0.8 × 0.8 cm.
  • 18K Gold
  • Nylon Cord


1 Available.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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