Polly Necklace

A simple yet sophisticated twist on the Polly Glass necklace, the Polly necklace is further graced with a large, translucent ball of glass which rests on three strands of Polly Glass. Individual glass rings are strung together to make the solid, cylindrical form that defines the strands. Handmade and assembled in the Murano studio of Marina and Susanna Sent, the Polly necklace challenges the traditional bounds of glass-making with a unique application of glass in one or two colors. Interesting proportions appear throughout the piece as slim slices of glass merge into larger blocks of color. With grace, intrigue, and a dash of whimsy, the Polly necklace is an attention-grabbing piece for any chosen setting.

  • Sent jewelry builds upon the local tradition of fine glass making to create stunningly poetic pieces that balance simple designs with bold elements
  • Murano glass rings are strung on a wire creating a single cylindrical form
  • Alternating blocks of color add depth and interest to the piece
  • Murano Glass



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