Three Rings Necklace

Violaine Ulmer’s Three Rings Necklace is a pure, clean and simple design. The silver rings are strung on a generous length of black silk thread, resulting in a flattering and elegant accessory that has the versatility to pair with anything from t-shirts to formal dresses with ease. The interlocking silver rings, three in all, of the Three Rings Necklace point to the symbolism of the circle and the triad. The circle for wholeness, eternity and the cycle of time; the number three is correlated with joy, creativity, inspiration and growth. Ulmer lives and works in Toulouse, in the south of France. In all of her work, as in the Three Rings Necklace, she is inspired by pairing pure and generous shapes with complementary materials.

  • Designed by Violaine Ulmer
  • Simple, clean design
  • Made of silver
  • Strung on silk
  • Made in Toulouse, France
28 in.
71.1 cm.
  • Silver
  • Silk


3 Available.

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