Framed Ring 3

The Framed Ring 3 is a simple and minimal piece made with 3D printing technology. Its design is characterized for three circular rings each of different widths connected at the base. Designed by Ina Suffeleers in Belgium, every piece starts with a creative design that becomes a computer file and later embarks on a journey through a 3D printer. The jewelry is created from powder, printed layer by layer and hardened by a laser, until the shape is completely formed. Each jewelry piece is polished for comfort and finished by hand. The ring was inspired by the concept that beautiful things are framed. Sleek and minimal, the Framed Ring 3 is an ideal accessory for a design aficionado and is available in black or electric blue.

  • Designed by Ina Suffeleers in Belgium
  • Available in size 7 or 8
  • Available in black or electric blue
  • Made with innovative 3D printing technology
  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Polyamide



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $5.00 (per qty)

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