Little Finger Ring

Unique in form and conceptual in nature, Gijs Bakker’s Little Finger Ring invigorates the fine jewelry tradition with a refreshingly modern spirit. Originally designed in 1967, the sterling silver ring remains as vibrant and current today as it was over fifty years ago thanks to its enduring design and elevated materiality. The ring’s bold shape is the result of imagining two perpendicular circles of different sizes intersecting to create a complex geometrically form. Resembling Jupiter surrounded by its rings, the appropriately named Little Finger Ring is an avant garde ornament intended for an often-overlooked finger – the pinky. Produced by Bakker’s own design jewelry company, Chi ha paura…? (Italian for “Who’s afraid of…?), the ring is characteristic of the Dutch designer’s body of work where unconventional materials and new technologies combine to create jewelry that acts as a form of personal communication, intrinsically linked to the body. Imbued with character and a sense of personality, Little Finger Ring is more than a decorative accent to compliment an outfit, it is an extension of the wearer’s own personality, showing an appreciation for design and conceptual experimentation.

  • A new kind of ornament for a finger that is usually overlooked
  • Two perpendicular circles of different sizes intersecting to create a complex geometrically form
  • The design is a variation made in precious metal of the designer’s famous Perspex bracelet ‘Circle in Circle’
  • Sterling Silver



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