Ring Between the Finger

In Günter Wermekes’ innovative ring, there is no band that wraps around the finger, but rather, as the title implies, the band fits between the finger. Truly jewelry for the entire hand, one part rests on the palm while the top of the hand displays the stainless steel piece inlaid with or without a .12 ct diamond. As a testament of Günter Wermekes’ concentration on archaically classical shapes, this ingenious ring has a timeless cylindrical design that elevates the beauty and minimalism of stainless steel. Known for his work combining the unlikely pair of stainless steel and diamonds, Wermekes believes that every material speaks its own language – stainless steel tells of today and future plans, while a diamond conveys a timeless quality of fire and passion.

  • An innovative and minimal ring, rather than wrapping around the finger, the ring base fits between fingers and a cylindrical bar rests on the top of the wearer's hand
  • Wermekes was one of the first jewelry designers to popularize the use of stainless steel as a precious material
  • Available with .12 ct diamond
  • Stainless Steel
  • Diamond


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