Architect Pencil Box

Sharpen your drafting skills with Cinqpoints collection of essential tools for the trade. Presented together in graphic boxes emblazoned with graphic lines, the Architect Pencil Box has all you need to bring a sketch to reality. The set includes a foldable scale ruler and five writing tools that are cleverly named after the great architects of modernism. Each pencil and pen is created for a particular task and its name references an architect that embodies that particular trait; Renzo, after Renzo Piano, is a precise pencil adept at precision and detail, Frank, for Frank Gehry, is a soft pencil that is for free sketching, Zaha, for Zaha Hadid, is a white pen with a strong personality, Jean, for Jean Novel, is a red pen for details and callouts, and Rudy, for Rudy Ricciotti, is a bold pencil that can write on almost any surface. The clever Architect Pencil Box is the perfect gift for the architect or design lover in your life.

  • Joint product of Cinqpoints and La Petite Papeterie Française
  • Set of 5 writing tools & foldable scale ruler is an homage to the great architects
  • N1° : Renzo is about project demands, precision and eye for detail. His pencil is hard, precise and sharp. (2H)
  • N2° : Frank is about sketches and lines, curved and free as his mind. His pencil is thick and soft for smooth lines. (2B)
  • N3° : Zaha is about form and substance. A strong character and, through white on black drawing, an assertion of her personality and non-conventional talent. (white pen)
  • N4° : Jean is about details, annotations, in red of course. (red pen)
  • N5° : Rudy is about construction. This pencil is the one for masonary, able to write directly on concrete. (3B)
H × W × L
.75 × 2.50 × 7.25 in.
2 × 6.5 × 18.5 cm.
  • Wood


Available on backorder.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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