Origin Fountain Pen

The Origin Fountain Pen by TEN STATIONERY exudes sophistication with it’s sleek, modern design and time-tested functionality. The contour and dimensions are a result of meticulous tuning to find the optimal shape for peak performance and writing comfort. It’s design traces to the “origin” of dip pens blended with minimalist beauty and precision. Available in inky black and silver, the aluminum construction of the Origin Fountain Pen provides a lightweight yet sturdy feel.

  • Sophisticated design with minimalist beauty
  • Finely tuned for pea writing performance and feel
  • Available in inky black and silver
  • Nib and converter by Schmidt
  • Made of aluminum for optimal balance of weight and strength
  • Designed by TEN STATIONERY in Hong Kong
6.25 in.
15.8 cm.
  • Aluminum



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $10.00 (per qty)

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