Tuesday, June, 13, 2006

Belgium may be a small country, but it has given birth to a large number of design talents. To highlight the contribution of Belgian design on the current landscape, Luminaire showcased the work of three of the most illustrious designers from this small yet significant part of the world.

In a captivating evening of Belgian design, Arne Quinze and Piet Stockmans spoke about their work, and a Jil Sander fashion show during the reception featured the new Fall 2006 collection of our third Belgian, Raf Simons.

According to Arne Quinze, his talent lies in his ability to fuse polar extremes – passion and chaos with controlled elegance. His works are exuberant and quite often experimental, influenced by architectural principles yet he applies them playfully. Infinity is one example of his work that can be found at Luminaire. As a modular collection of seating elements, it creates endless combinations and is therefore eminently suitable for lounges, waiting rooms and other large public spaces.

During the exhibition, guests also expressed awe will carefully handling a Caviar Pyramid with Fin Cake Plate. One cannot help but see the signature of Piet Stockmans written all over this delicate piece. The manipulation of white porcelain, a natural material which will not influence taste, is the perfect monument to good eating and a pleasure to experience.

Exposing guests to design in varied permutations, Luminaire also flaunted the designs of Raf Simons, the Creative Director of the Jil Sander lable, owned by the Prada Group.

Guests were roused by the inspirational words of Quinze and Stockmans. They gained new insight to the immense creativity that has emerged from a country big on ideas though small on scale.