Thursday, October, 7, 2010

On October 7, Luminaire was delighted to host Paola Lenti’s sister Anna for an extraordinarily engaging film and lecture at its temporary showroom, Outdoor Therapy.

Highlighting an exclusive exhibition solely devoted the exterior design concepts of Paola Lenti, Anna initiated her presentation with images redolent of Paola’s varied inspirations, installation photographs of the company’s designs and glimpses of her unique manufacturing processes. Anna Lenti spoke in detail about the past and present of the Paola Lenti company to a rapt crowd. Pointing out that her grandfather had also been a furniture designer and that her mother crochets many of the company’s pieces by hand, Anna also described sourcing materials and craft techniques from abroad, for example engaging women in a small village in South Africa to create specific woven pieces in the current line.

Spanning both traditional Italian processes of design and craft, while also looking abroad, the Paola Lenti brand demonstrates a global engagement, presenting work that is timeless and constantly evolving, while at the same time, completely unique in the arena of outdoor design.